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Large Format Colour Scanning

Our state of the art wide format colour scanner is ideal for scanning large images in either full colour or black & white into digital format at resolutions up to 600dpi.  The resulting file can either be supplied on disk or printed out on one of our wide format printers.  With scanning widths of 914mm (3ft) x almost any length, we offer high quality calibrated scanning to suit your needs.

Mono or Colour CAD Scanning

Our drawing scanning service is ideal for archiving. We can

scan and index, either in mono or colour, from A7 to A0+

and at a resolution to suit your storage requirements.     


Conversion into CAD Formats (Vectorisation)

Our auto-vectorisation process quickly converts a mono

scanned raster image into a CAD readable format, which can

cut re-drawing time by hours.  Files can be supplied in either

DWG or DXF formats.  An example of a vectorised drawing can

be found on our downloads page.