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When you require a large colour print, our indoor poster printing service is ideal!, but if you need a poster/banner for use outdoors - It needs to be colourfast, durable & weatherproof.

Our full solvent based printer is ideal for outside graphics, it produces high quality prints on a wide range of materials including photo paper, vinyl, adhesive vinyl, stop light, banner material & many more. It also has a built in cutter so that extremely durable shaped items, such as labels can be easily produced.

Our outdoor prints can be used for a wide variety of applications including signs, vehicle graphics & advertising banners, without any need for lamination.

We also offer a complete laminating and mounting

service with a wide range of large format possibilities.

Whether you deal in signage,exhibition graphics,

theatrical presentations, corporate shows or just

need large colour posters, we can cater for your


We are able to scan colour images at widths of up to

914mm (36”), and print in colour or black & white at

widths of up to 54” (1.37m). Printed copies can be

eyeletted (for hanging), mounted onto PVC, cardboard

or foamboard - And dont forget, the colour is lightfast,

so it wont fade for years, even if put in direct sunlight!

Please note that we use ‘full solvent’ printers for all

of our outdoor prints. There are companies that offer

‘eco-solvent’ prints, but don’t be fooled - ‘eco’ has

nothing to do with the environment but stands for

‘economy’ meaning the print will fade sooner & will

be far less durable than ‘full solvent’ prints.