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OS Landplan™

Maintaining an overview is crucial in project management – but sometimes you have to really dive into the detail. OS Landplan is the ideal solution if your project demands maps with clear detail but need to cover a large area.

OS Landplan will provide you with:

1:5000 or 1:10 000 scale colour maps offering high-level definition output in either graphic plot or raster data format. With the data product it is possible to view the third dimension using a contour set. OS Landplan is available from 1 km2 fitting on A4 paper to large extracts filling the office wall (upper size restriction equivalent to 25 km2 applies to the data).

A choice of map or raster data output gives great flexibility – in fact, OS Landplan offers the largest scale of Ordnance Survey raster data to show contours, making it an ideal solution where this information is crucial to the planning process and decision making. An excellent overview of the lie of the land is provided with fences, field boundaries, road names and buildings all included.

Output flexibility
There is flexibility, too, in the range of outputs available, from full colour to black and white or greyscale plots, to data outputs that include hard copy, image or TIFF data output. You choose the output that best suits your project and budget.

Site-centred mapping
OS Landplan also offers the ability to place your project in the middle of the mapped information. This gives you a 360° view around the project site and avoids the use of multiple maps and unnecessary cost. Furthermore, if you are using CAD or other software in your project, you will find OS Landplan data outputs offer software compatibility, so data can be simply imported into the other programmes you use, saving time and money and avoiding errors.